Wind Power Prediction

Along with the development of the wind power, the proportionment of wind power in the grid is also increasing. Because of the fluctuation and intermittence of the wind speed, grid integration of large wind energy will result in many problems, such as power system provided and demanded unbalance, the safety of the power system and the power quality and so on. So, in order to solve those problems, We should provide the prediction of the wind power advance. If the prediction can reach a high level of the precision, which can be beneficial to the power system and improve the competition of the wind energy.

Title Date
 5th Offshore Wind Construction, Installation & Commisioning Conference (Oct. 14-15th)  2013-07-26 15:41
Europe's Premier Wind Energy Event 4-7 February 2013 (EWEA 2013)  2013-01-04 10:28