Grid Certification of Wind Turbine

Title Date
5th Offshore Wind Construction, Installation & Commisioning Conference (Oct. 14-15th) 2013-07-26 15:34
11th international workshop on large-scale integration of wind power into power systems as well as on transmission networks for offshore wind power plants 2012-09-03 11:30

Ensuring grid stability and grid management - LVRT requirements and wind turbine testing:

1-Dr.Chi-Comparison of LVRT requirements worldwide-Why do we need LVRT.pdf

3-Mr.Qin-Wind Turbine Power Quality Test Technology based on IEC Standard.pdf

4-1-Dr.Karl-Heinz Weck-Low-Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) Requirements and Testing.pdf

4-2-Dr.Karl-Heinz Weck-LVRT Testing Procedures of single WECs via field tests.pdf

5-Mr.Thomas Smolka-Protection equipment and protection methods of the LVRT test laboratory.pdf

6-Mr.Bernhard Schowe-von der Brelie-LVRT conformity proofing for wind farms via validated WEC models.pdf

7-Mr.Thomas Smolka-Certification schemes for testified LVRT characteristics of single WECs and wind farms.pdf

 2009-01-16 12:43


Sino-German workshop on wind power grid integration:

1) General Introduction:

1-1-Mr.Andreas Dubois-BMU Grid Integration Workshop.pdf

1-2-Dr.Stamer-Overview on the European Energy Supply System.pdf

1-3-Mr.Wang Zhongying-Chinese Renewable Energy Policies and Development Prospects.pdf

1-4-Mr.Kai Schlegelmilch-Instruments for the Promotion of Wind Energy and its Grid Integration in Europe.pdf

1-5-Prof.Dai Huizhu-Wind Power Industry Status and Preferential Policies in China.pdf

2) Network connection of wind turbines and corresponding technical guidelines:

2-1-Dr.Karl-Heinz Weck-Technical Guidelines for the Connection of Wind Turbines to the Distribution Network in Germany and Certification of Wind Turbine Characteristics.pdf

2-2-Dr.Chi Yongning-Study on the Grid Impact of Large Scale Wind Power Integration and Grid Code Formulation.pdf

2-3-Dr.Hans Roman-Practical Experiences of a Distribution Network Operator.pdf

2-4-Northwest Power Grid Company-Wind Power Development in Northwest Power Grid and Grid Integration Issues(text in Chinese).pdf

2-5-Dr.Thomas Weber-Connection of Offshore Wind Turbines to the Transmission Grid.pdf

3) Wind energy utilization & reserve capacity

3-1-Mr.Liu Chun-CEPRI Wind Power Prediction System.pdf

3-2-Mr.Thomas Klose-New Developments in Wind Energy Forecasting.pdf

3-3-Dr.Simon Krahl-Provision of Control Reserve for Wind Turbines.pdf

3-4-Dr.Hendrik Vennegeerts-Alternative Approaches for Covering and Reduction of Reserve Energy Demand.pdf

3-5-Dr.Tobias Mirbach-Economic Evaluation of the Impact of Integrating Wind Turbines in the Generation System.pdf

4) Wind turbine technology and grid integration:

4-1-China LongYuan Electric Power Group-Design Concepts of the Voltage Regulator of Wind Farm and its Operation(text in Chinese).pdf

4-2-Prof.Tang Guoqing-Analysis on the Impact of Coastal Wind Power Connecting to the Grid in Jiangsu Province.pdf

4-3-Mr.Bud Kehrli-Addressing Global Wind Farm Interconnection Requirements.pdf

4-4-Mr.James Xue-Wind Energy Innovation & Wind Power Grid Compliance.pdf

4-5-Mr.Qin Shiyao- Wind Turbines Testing Technology.pdf

 2008-11-27 18:55
Generic Dynamic Wind Farm Model for Power System Simulations  2008-09-11 14:33
Wind Energy in Power Systems  2008-09-11 14:30