SGRI Europe GmbH has been officially established

In the morning of June 26th(Berlin time), SGRI Europe GmbH formally founded, which is another overseas research institute following the one established in the U.S.. The foundation of this research institute is of great strategic importance for enhancing R & D capability, expanding international influence, taking advantage of electrical elites of the world, and enhancing international cooperation for SGCC.  The foundation ceremony is guided and coordinated by the Science and Technology department of SGCC and cooperated by the European Office affiliated to SGCC.

There are totally 50 people presented the foundation ceremony, including Wang Yimin, deputy Chief Engineer of SGCC, Li Xiaosi, Agency Official of Chinese Embassy in Germany, Yzer, senator of Berlin, Bahr, Chief Manager of Berlin Fur Wirtschaft und Technologie (Berlin Economic promotion bureau), and other representatives and distinguished guests from German Energy Association, Technische Universität Berlin and 50Hz and so on.

Wang Yimin, deputy Chief Engineer of SGCC, Li Xiaosi, Agency Official of Chinese Embassy in Germany, and Yzer, senator of Berlin delivered speeches and unveiled the nameplate for the research institute.

Mr. Wang Yimin pointed out that Berlin has quite favorable policy and development conditions, including international first - class innovation environment, rich R & D resources and relevant auxiliary resources. By strengthening technical cooperation and exchange with the universities, research institutes and energy and hi-tech companies in Europe, taking full play of the talent and technical R & D resources advantage, SGRI Europe GmbH will promote smart grid technical innovation and development and make contribution for SGCC and even the technical development of grid in the whole world.

Li Xiaosi, Agency Official of Chinese Embassy in Germany put forward that the foundation of SGRI Europe GmbH will build new platform for technical cooperation and exchange in the field of electricity between China and Germany, which will promote Sino - German friendship, deepen cooperation between the two countries. He hopes the research institute to make full play of the resources in Germany and other countries in Europe and establish international perspective, adhere to innovative thinking to develop hi-tech products, increase investment and make new technical achievements in DC power grid, hydrogen energy storage, wind turbine technology and other fields.

Yzer, senator of Berlin welcomed the settlement of European Institute in Berlin, and promised that Berlin government will provide a favorable condition for the development of the European Research Institute, and hopes the Institute to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with German universities and companies, and create a new era for Sino - German technical cooperation in power electricity.

SGRI Europe GmbH will mainly function as the R & D base of cutting-edge technology, advanced training base for technical staff, experimental base for technological innovation, as well as export platform for high-technology of SGCC in Europe. The R & D projects in SGRI Europe GmbH will take chief scientist responsibility system and its first batch of  projects will mainly focus on DC grid, the DC cables and the accessories, hydrogen energy storage, and phase change energy storage and increase wind turbine efficiency.