CWPP Closing Ceremony was Successfully Held

The Closing Ceremony of the 10 year old China Wind Power Programme (CWPP) is held on Oct 21st in Kempinski Hotel Beijing @ Symphony Room @ 5:30.

About 30 people joined the event, including Deputy Chief Representative and programme director of energy sector Dr. Mueller from GIZ and his successor Ms Retzer Sonja, Vice President Mr. Xie Changjun from Guo Dian, Ms Zhang Jian from State Grid, Vice President Mr. Zhang Baoquan from Longyuan, Director Prof. Wang Weisheng from CEPRI RED, Mr. Liu Jing from Tianjin Light Industry Polytechnic, other people including the representatives from MoE, MofCOM, CEC, the project team and other colleagues from the partners.

The whole dinner is in a friendly and warm atmosphere. The partners showed their memorable experiences and their appreciation to the Project.

Dr. Mueller made the opening speech and thanked the team and congratulate for the great achievements of the project.

Mr. Xie Changjun shared his 27 years cooperation experiences with GIZ and expressed that GIZ, the former GTZ made great contribution not only to renewable energy development in recent years, but also to the traditional energy sector. Most of the high level management staffs in the energy sector are trained by GTZ and he himself really benefited a lot from the training.

Prof. Wang Weisheng and also Mr. He Jiaxing shared his understanding about Engineer and professional, and said that they were really moved by the German working attitude.

Mr. Li Qing shared his experience from a master’s degree student to a qualified engineer and an excellent division leader during the project.

The project director Mr. Andreas DuBois worked till midnight before the closing ceremony, choosing the photos of the colleagues from different partners of different times and different situation, laughter broke out frequently. The photos brought us back to several years ago to recall what we have experienced.

During the project, all partners benefited a lot. We have witnessed the prosperous development of wind power industry in China. We have trained a lot of quite qualified engineers in renewable energy industry. And we have established course system for wind energy majors……

All partners expressed that though the project ends as it structured, but the friendship we have established will last forever, and hope there will be a new project, the new programme director of energy sector Ms Retzer Sonja of GIZ promised that she will try her best to achieve a new cooperation.