China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) obtained MEASNET Certificate
                                                 Contributor: Jiao Bo, Renewable Energy Department
On May 7th, MEASNET Evaluation Panel of experts confirmed that CEPRI’s testing capability of wind turbine power performance testing and power quality testing has been assessed and a MEASNET certificate will be issued, marking CEPRI already got all MEASNET qualifications of wind turbine performance testing, becoming the world's 7th agency holding these qualifications.

The application for MEASNET qualification requires a lot of quite strict review, such as qualification document review, personnel qualification review, testing report review, recycle ratio on internal testing review and field test review and so on. In November 2013, CEPRI got MEASNET certificate for wind turbine acoustic noise testing, becoming the first MEASNET qualified wind power testing organization, except the organizations in Europe and the United States. Obtaining MEASNET qualification is one important achievement under the support of the Sino-German government technical cooperation project – China Wind Power Programme - Research and Training, Phase II, and it proved that CEPRI’s wind turbine testing capabilities have fully meet global advanced level, which is of great significance for the healthy development of wind power industry in China and even Asia-Pacific Region.

Background information:
MEASNET is the league of the world’s most influential wind power testing organizations, which is established in 1996, and is launched by several European well-known wind turbine performance testing organizations at the beginning, aiming at ensuring the quality of wind turbine testing, the credibility of the testing results as well as the conformance of testing results among laboratories, and becoming the world-renowned wind power testing agency alliance gradually. Up to now, it has a total of 18 members, Among which 7 organizations got all wind turbine performance testing related MEASNET certificates, including CEPRI in China, DNV GL in Germany, DEWI in Germany, WINDTEST GREVENBROICH in Germany, CENER in Spain, American National Renewable Energy Laboratory in U.S. (NREL) and CRES in Greece.