Project Title

China Wind Power Research and Training Project(CWPP)

Government Sponsor:


Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development(BMZ)

Implementation Agency:


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Implementation Partner:


- China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Limited(CLYPG), subsidiary of China Guodian Corporation 


China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI), subsidiary of State Grid Corporation of China(SGCC)


March 2005 to February 2010


 The project consists of the following steps in the four sectors of training & applied research, operation & maintenance, wind power services and information & advice:

  • Professional training of wind power technicians and engineers to meet the rapidly growing demand for qualified staff in the wind sector

  • Establishment of a school for wind power technicians

  • Assessment of technical problems in operating wind farms

  • Improvement in wind farm operations

  • Testing of wind turbines according to international standards

  • Grid code compliance test of wind farms

  • Support of applied research on issues regarding wind power grid integration, wind power forecast systems, wind resource analysis and micrositing

  • Renewable energy and wind power policy advice

  •  Exchange with the European Academy of Wind Energy and REnKnow.Net

  •  Wind power helpdesk and online consulting


In all its activities CWPP is seeking to incorporate German companies - creating opportunities to showcase their expertise and breaking ground for business in China. Project activities and achievements are continuously monitored and evaluated to provide for adaptation to the rapidly changing conditions in the Chinese wind power sector.



Project achievements

  • In 2006, the Renewable Energy Department (RED) was established at the project partner China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI). Today, CEPRI’s RED is acknowledged as the leading authority in the field of wind power grid integration.
  • In 2006, the Suzhou Longyuan Bailu Wind Power Vocational Training Centre was founded as a cooperation between the project partner China Longyuan Power Group (CLYPG) and Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institut (SNPI). Until the end of 2009, the training centre has trained around 1600 wind power technicians and other personnel. As the only one of its kind in China, it is likely to serve as a standard for the establishment of future wind power training facilities.
  • Through a number of workshops, seminars and study tours the project has trained numerous wind power engineers, top-level executives and other opinion leaders, thereby creating awareness for critical issues and making a significant contribution to the alleviation of the dire situation regarding  lack of well-qualified personnel.


Please also refer to the CWPP project description found on the GIZ homepage. Project planning, execution and monitoring + evaluation is done according to the 5 success factors of Capacity Works. Information may be found here: