CWPP Closing Ceremony was successfully held on Oct 21st @ Kempinski Hotel Beijing. About 30 representatives from different partners joined this event.

Welcome to CWPC

Welcome to the China Wind Power Center (CWPC) – Your 1-stop source for information on wind power in China

Refer to our Information section for a comprehensive overview of the wind power sector in China. Find out about the players in energy policy-making and keep track of the latest changes in the policy framework. Have a look at our informative diagrams to get up to speed on the development of wind turbine installations in China. With our wind farm map and our searchable wind farm database You have detailed information on each individual wind farm in China at Your fingertips. Consult our comprehensive listing of wind industry players to gain an overview of the Chinese wind power industry.

helper_sleep_less_8c.gifThe Technology section provides an introduction into the most important technical issues affecting wind power development in general, and in China in particular. Along with an overview of the technical issue at hand, we aim to provide you with a summary of the specific situation and challenges in China.   

Our answer to the current lack of qualified personnel in the Chinese wind power industry is the Training section. It offers detailed information on the existing programs for wind power vocational training and university education in China. As soon as available, You will also find information and access to wind power online training courses here.

Under Services we provide You with all the additional information and resources you need. The CWPC News Service and our web links will help keep You up-to-date on what goes on in wind power in China, while the announcements inform You on upcoming wind power events and the latest additions to our Downloads section.

Click Projects and you will find information on international development cooperation projects striving to support a sustained development of wind power in China. Last but not least, the Downloads section offers wind power studies as well as other interesting publications and presentations for download.

Supported by the Sino-German China Wind Power Research & Training Project - implemented by GIZ, CEPRI and CLYPG.



Wind Power ONLINE Learning


Click on the icons below to find out more about Wind Power related ONLINE courses.

Those courses are grouped into four topic areas: 



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This Wind Power e-Learning Platform will support you in becoming a Wind Power expert. It is grounded on the knowledge of renowned experts, an innovative didactic approach and sophisticated IT technology. The project is backed jointly by Chinese and German government.

It is recommendable to conduct face-to-face tutorials to support the online learning. Here you can read the written contributions made by the tutorial experts

  1.  从气动力学概念看风电-陈振斌教授                                                        

 2.  风能资源分析与评估20101222-王晓蓉主任工程师

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August 7th-8th, 2014, Chinese Wind & Solar Grid Integration Conference 2014 was successfully held in Beijing. The conference focus on gird integration of renewable energy and its sustainable development, with about 200 participants from grid companies, research institutes, manufacturers home and abroad.

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